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GRAHAM, William

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GRAHAM, William. (Montgomery, NY, Mar. 2, 1830--MT, Nov., 7, 1923). The son of a state legislator from New York, Graham came to Dubuque in 1867 after serving as the mayor of Bellevue, Iowa, from 1856 to 1867.

Graham began a successful legal practice and was appointed a judge to the circuit court by the governor of Iowa. He held that position for one year. In 1873 Graham was elected city attorney. In 1876 he was a candidate for a judgeship on the Iowa Supreme Court, but was defeated. Graham received a federal appointment from President Cleveland in 1885 as assistant United States attorney and remained in that position from 1886 to 1891.

After his retirement as assistant U.S. attorney, Graham was retained as a special counsel in the prosecution of officers of defunct commercial banks. He served on the board of trustees of Lenox College in Hopkinton, Iowa and was secretary and director of the German Presbyterian Theological Seminary.



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