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GRAHAM, Thomas

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GRAHAM, Thomas. (Dubuque, IA, July 30, 1939--Dubuque, IA, Jan. 28, 2019). Thomas Edward Graham, son of Joseph G. and M. Harriet Graham, attended LORAS ACADEMY where he served in the ROTC and LORAS COLLEGE. He went on to service with the U.S. Army. He married Mary Jo Birkett on January 7, 1961 at NATIVITY CHURCH. (1)

Tom began his career at SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY as the manager of the electrical department. He then began selling real estate with his uncle Jack Schiltz, until he became co-owner of GRAHAM'S STYLE STORE FOR MEN. When he retired from the clothing store, he began his second career with HOFFMANN-SCHNEIDER FUNERAL HOMES AND CREMATION SERVICE arranging pre-needs. (2)

Tom Graham was one of the principal participants in downtown revitalization. Part of his commitment included buying STAMPFER'S DEPARTMENT STORE, along with starting several other downtown businesses. He was twice president of the Dubuque Merchants' Association. In 1970 as the group's leader, he protested the city's proposal to tax benefited property owners for the annual cost of maintaining and policing the downtown pedestrianway. (3) He also served as president of the Main Street Association and the Committee to Save the Town Clock.

He helped establish a second Knights of Columbus court and served as the charter Grand Knight. Graham served on the Dubuque Citizens Advisory Commission and on the boards of Thunder Hills Golf Club, DUBUQUE RACING ASSOCIATION, Sertoma, MERCY MEDICAL CENTER, Clarke College Development Council, and the Dubuque Men's Association. He was a member of Rotary, Squires, 660 Club of the DUBUQUE SHOOTING SOCIETY, JAYCEES, and the DUBUQUE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and received "Sertoman of the Year" honors.(4)



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