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GLYNN, John. Among the notable athletes in local BOXING, Glynn was a winning participant and coach. As a youth, Glynn boxed for the YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION (Y.M.C.A.). He had thirty-eight bouts while serving in the Navy. (1)

Glynn returned to boxing around 1969 when he was asked to help a beginner who wanted help. In 1974 he and Mark BURDS were directing the YMCA Boxing Team. Glynn estimated that the program involved between eighty and eighty-five boys between 1971-1974. The team by 1974 had won fifteen state championships in various age and weight divisions and the junior team, made up of fifteen fighters, won the Junior Olympic team trophy in April, 1974. In January of that year four team members entered the all-Iowa Golden Gloves at Des Moines and all four won titles. (2)

In 1974 Glynn was elected vice-president of the Iowa Amateur Boxing Association. (3) In 1975 MOCO MERCER AWARDS were presented to local sports figures including John Glynn]] (3)

His son Marty GLYNN also had a bright record in the sport.



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