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GLOVER, John. (Newtown, CT, Sept. 13, 1833--Dubuque, IA, March 28, 1910). The brother of Henry B. GLOVER, John came to Dubuque in 1856. He was associated with the Glover and Smock Company and later the H. B. GLOVER COMPANY. (1) He also invested in land. In 1894 the announcement was made that property on which an undertaking business, a repair shop and a livery stable located at Fourth and Locust had been purchased from Glover for the construction of the Bell Provost Company. (2) In 1889 he was an unsuccessful bidder for the IOWA IRON WORKS. (3)

He was also a director of the GERMAN SAVINGS BANK and the DUBUQUE HIGH BRIDGE. As a member of the DUBUQUE SHOOTING SOCIETY he was often the champion of shooting events. (4) In 1894 he was a member of the local delegation to attend the three day Upper Mississippi Shooting festival in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. (5) In 1898 the Newtown Bee, the local newspaper, reported that he had commissioned "an immense monument" which took several days to get from the railroad to the cemetery for his parents grave. (6) He was buried in the same cemetery. (7)



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