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Photo courtesy: Dubuque Community School District
GLODEN, Fred. (Dubuque, IA, Dec. 21, 1918- ). Continuing a stellar performance in the 1930s as a member of the DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL football team, Gloden helped initiate the practice of substitutions in football at the college level and advanced to play professionally.

Coached at Dubuque Senior by the legendary Wilbur DALZELL, Gloden's team during his senior year tied for the Mississippi Valley Conference championship. Gloden received the honor of being named to the first Iowa Daily Press Association all-state team. (1)

Playing for Tulane, Gloden helped pioneer liberal football substitutions. Tulane’s first team would play in the first and third quarters while the second team played in the other two. Such substitution, highly unusual at the time, allowed players to rest in the muggy heat and left opposing teams winded. So successful was the Tulane substitution practice that in his last year of play, the Green Wave was unbeaten until losing to Texas A&M in the 1941 Sugar Bowl. (2) Gloden, named to several All-American teams, was picked for all-Southeast Conference honors.

When Gloden reached the ranks of the professionals, he earned $200 per game playing for the Eagles. He played in six games for the Eagle in 1941. (3) Military service during WORLD WAR II interrupted a promising athletic career. (4) Fred Gloden played football for the Jacksonville Naval Air Station in 1942 with future Hall of Fame member George McAfee. (5) He was part of the Navy's Physical Training Department in San Diego and helped rehabilitate soldiers returning from battle. (6) In 1947 he returned to play one more season (seven games) with the Miami Seahawks of the All-American Conference. (7) His career was ended with a knee injury. (8)

In 1994 Golden was inducted into the Dubuque Senior High School Athletic Hall of Fame. (9)



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