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GLASER, August

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GLASER, August. (Stein, near Leipsic, Kingdom of Saxony, Germany, Dec. 15, 1850--Dubuque, IA, Apr. 5, 1917). Until he was nineteen, Glaser attended the German public schools and then immigrated to America, landing at New York City. He came west to Chicago and for about four years worked on a farm in the vicinity of that city.

In 1876 he moved to Des Moines, Iowa, and took a position in the greenhouse of a Mr. Peter Lambert, learning the profession. In 1886 he bought a farm near Grinnell, Iowa, but in 1889 sold it and came to Dubuque.

Glaser was appointed by the board of directors of LINWOOD CEMETERY to be the superintendent of the burial grounds and held this position until 1901. He then bought a large tract of land in the city and erected suitable hothouses and began his nursery and floral business.



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