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Girl Scouts of Little Cloud Council office in 2010 at 2644 Pennsylvania
GIRL SCOUTS. The claim to being the first Girl Scout Troop in Dubuque is in question. On April 13, 1924 the TELEGRAPH HERALD displayed a picture in the front page showing what was claimed to be the members of the first troop. Organized by Miss Maybelle Weitz, the troop included Miss Anita Wiedner, chairman; Miss Dolores Graas, secretary; Miss Geraldine Hoop, treasurer; and Mrs. Blunt--the advisor. Members included Neva Skemp, Myrtle Edison, Gertrude Widemeyer, Edith Meyer, Margaret Tonnerson, Maybelle Weitz, Mabel Schara, Virginia Bauer, Isabelle Smith, Leola Klein, Marion Brown, Marion Shaw, Marie Ernest, and Amanda Rafoth.

On November 24, 1942, a second article in the Telegraph Herald identified another troop as the first in Dubuque. Girl Scout Troop Number One in Dubuque, according to this article, began in September 1932. Annette Christianson (a public school teacher), had been a Girl Scout leader in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was assisted by Hedwig Salzmann, and Myrtle Faldorf in organizing girls from ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH beginning with Margaret Salzmann, Hedwig Salzmann's daughter.Troop I, the "Lone Troop," registered with national Girl Scout headquarters in 1933, had Christianson as the captain and Faldorf as first lieutenant. A second troop was soon formed.

By 1935 with nine other troops developed in other parts of the city, a council was organized to coordinate and direct the work of the ten troops. Dubuque Girl Scouts, chartered by Girls Scouts of the U.S.A. in 1935, became the Little Cloud Girl Scout Council in 1966.

On May 7, 1985, Hedwig and Margaret were honored at the annual council dinner during the 50-year anniversary celebrations.

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