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GILLOON, Frank, Jr

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GILLOON, Frank, Jr. (Dubuque, IA,- ). Gilloon graduated from LORAS COLLEGE in 1940 and attended Georgetown University law school. WORLD WAR II interrupted his legal education with him spending three years with Army Intelligence in Europe. He completed law school at the University of Iowa and began practicing in 1947. In 1963 Iowa Governor Norman Erbe appointed Gilloon one of Iowa's first municipal court judges. Gilloon was swore in by his father District Judge Frank Gilloon, Sr. on January 1, 1963. The municipal court replaced an old system of justice using non-lawyer justices of the peace to handle minor cases. Municipal judges later became members of the state district court system. (1)

As an associate judge, Gilloon devoted most of his time to traffic cases and misdemeanors. In 1974 in response to the development of a drivers' education by the National Safety Council and experts from the trucking and taxi industries, Gilloon stated, "In many cases I would rather see a man rehabilitated through education than have myself sitting here blindly handing out $10 fines." (2) Despite several local attorneys getting large incomes from defending those too poor to pay, Gilloon saw nothing wrong in the practice. Some defendants had gone to an attorney before appearing in court or had requested them. "I am not going to appoint a trainee." (2) In 1987 when he heard that Mayor James BRADY refused to wear a seat belt, Gilloon said it was happy to hear had prompted police to more strictly enforce the law. (4)

Gilloon retired on April 20, 1989 as the second longest serving associate justice in Iowa. (5)



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