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GIEGERICH, Albert. (Sauk City, WI, Mar. 2, 1867--Unknown). Albert Giegerich began his working life as a typesetter in a printing establishment until 1881. For a time he studied the photography business, but later returned to printing and for two years managed the business of his former employer. (1)

In partnership with Mr. Hugo Buchenau, he erected a photograph gallery at Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, but two years later sold the business and with his partners, Charles Buchenau and Hugo Fisher, built the steamboat "Mayflower," in which they traveled up and down the Wisconsin River taking photographs. This business, however, proved unsuccessful. (2)

Mr. Giegerich then moved to Dubuque. Having lost most of his money in the steamboat enterprise, he worked in a lumber yard and later as paperhanger. This he continued until forming his partnership with E. Wesselhoft, in 1899, when they established themselves in the painting and paperhanging business. In 1901 they were forced to seek larger quarters since their business, MODEL WALLPAPER & PAINT COMPANY had become so profitable. They were also in the business of manufacturing postal cards. (3)

Articles of incorporation for the DUBUQUE ART MANUFACTURING COMPANY were filed in July 1915 by Ernest Wesselhoft, president; Albert Giegerich, vice-president; Thomas James MULGREW, treasurer; and Leo F. Jaeger, secretary. (4)



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