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GASSER, Albert

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GASSER, Albert. (Germany, 1845--Minneapolis, MN, Feb. 6, 1918). Gasser sailed for the United States in 1865 and came to Dubuque in 1867. He worked for the Rhomberg distillery, ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD, and for fourteen years the CHICAGO, DUBUQUE AND MINNESOTA RAILROAD.

In 1884 Gasser decided to go into business for himself and become a manufacturer of brick. His company's capacity of two million brick annually provided the material for the construction of the DUBUQUE COUNTY COURTHOUSE, NORWEGIAN PLOW COMPANY, and many residences in the city. The brickyard was the site of the future WASHINGTON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. (1)

Gasser assisted in the organization of the Concentration Ore Company of Dubuque and the East Dubuque Smelting Company. He was a stockholder in the DUBUQUE CASKET COMPANY and the Turbine Wheel and Mill Supply Company.



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