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Albert Gallatin challenged the claims of Julien Dubuque.
GALLATIN, Albert. (Geneva, Switzerland, Jan. 29, 1761-Astoria, Long Island, NY, Aug. 12,1849). Secretary of the Treasury. Gallatin became one of the earliest and harshest critics of the idea that Julien DUBUQUE had been given clear title to his lands. Gallatin maintained that, without intent to defraud, Dubuque had been given only the right to mine on the lands by the FOX. After his death, it would be assumed that the lands would return to the Native Americans.

Gallatin's report was written in 1810. It led the Board of Land Commissioners at St. Louis in 1811 to reverse their opinion of 1806 that Dubuque had a clear title. This further confused the issue of who owned the land around the former MINES OF SPAIN.

(See: Platt SMITH)



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