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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald
1938 advertisement. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
FUHRMANN-TRILLER COMPANY. In 1871 John and Caroline Fuhrmann came to Dubuque by steamboat. They purchased land on the corner of Ninth and Central Avenue and built a general merchandise store. Around 1885, Frank P. FURHMANN took over the store and operated it as a men's clothing and shoe store. In 1901 he and his brother, Joseph, formed a partnership to established FUHRMANN BROTHERS. They enlarged the building to four times the size of the original business. (1)

The partnership was dissolved and Fred W. and Frank A., sons of Frank Fuhrmann joined with John O. Triller to establish Fuhrmann-Triller. (2)

The 1929 through 1942 Dubuque Classified Business Directory listed 905 Central.



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