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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald
FROMMELT, Leo. (Dubuque, IA-Dubuque, Ia, June 8, 1995). Recipient, FIRST CITIZEN AWARD. On December 3, 1979, while attending Saint Mary's High School, Frommelt worked in the mailroom and as a newspaper carrier for the Dubuque Times Journal. He worked as auditor for the huge Meuser Lumber Company in the mid-1920s. In the late 1930s Frommelt became the deputy county recorder, a position he held for seven years. After a series of jobs in private industry, Frommelt succeeded J. J. Shea as Dubuque city clerk in 1955.

During a four and one-half month period in 1960 between the terms of city managers Laverne SCHILTZ and Gilbert D. CHAVENELLE, Frommelt headed the city administration. During his terms of office, Frommelt served under the administrations of twenty-two mayors, swore in twenty-five Dubuque city councilmen, and worked with two city managers.

Frommelt was granted retirement by the city council after twenty-four years of service as city clerk. Considered an expert on bonding procedures, Frommelt also administered most city licensing and served as the official secretary for the city council and clerk for the Civil Service Commission. Frommelt's office was responsible for city voter registration and elections until 1972. His tenure in city government saw Dubuque's greatest years of growth.

For his years of public service to Dubuque, Frommelt was the recipient of the First Citizen Award in 1978 from the TELEGRAPH HERALD.