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FOUKE, Henry Boteler

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Fouke, Henry Boteler. (Shepherdtown, VA (now WV), July 2, 1838--Dubuque, IA, Feb. 28, 1892). Upon the death of his father, Henry was forced to leave Mt. Morris Academy in Illinois. To earn a living, he entered the printer's trade and later taught school as he studied law with Judge Edsall in Dixon, Illinois. He was admitted to the bar in the early 1860s.

Fouke practiced law in partnership with William Barge for two years and then decided to move to Chicago. There he met a former classmate, T. C. Roberts, who encouraged him to move to Dubuque. Fouke came to Dubuque in 1866 and went into partnership with T. C. Roberts. Upon the death of his partner, he joined the firm of Smith, Fouke and Chapin headed by the famed Platt SMITH. He later joined Delos E. LYON in the firm of Fouke & Lyon. The firm represented the PERSONAL LIBERTY ASSOCIATION and the Chicago, St. Paul, and Kansas City Railroad Company among others. (1)

Although he consistently refused opportunities to enter political office or accept judgeships, Fouke did serve as a county attorney for two terms from January 1, 1879 to December 31, 1882.

He was prominently associated with the ANCIENT ORDER OF UNITED WORKMEN (A.O.U.W.) and held the position of Grand Master of the State in that order. (2)



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