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FLY-BY-NIGHT THEATRICS. The non-profit theater company was founded in 1982 and debuted in 1983 under the direction of Doug Donald and Lenore Howard. With the goal of establishing a professional theater group capable of paying its actors and crew, the company performed many original works. Howard co-wrote "In the Matter of Ralph, A Black Man," a critically acclaimed dramatization of an actual Iowa legal case involving two bounty hunters and Ralph MONTGOMERY, a Missouri slave living in Dubuque.

The company's name reflected the group's many scenes of performance ranging from a living room to the FIVE FLAGS CIVIC CENTER. By 2010 the group had been renamed Fly-By-Night Productions.

Donald and Howard were honored for their contribution to Dubuque's cultural life at the awards banquet of the Dubuque County Fine Arts Society on January 27, 1990, at CLARKE COLLEGE.

In 2017 Fly-By-Night Theatrics was celebrating its 35th year. In those years, the company produced 96 plays that had never been produced in Dubuque. (1)



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