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FLOODWALL MONUMENT. The commemorative sculpture created by Sharon Dull was constructed of huge slabs of limestone standing eleven to twelve feet in height. The sculpture was erected by the William Becker Company off Hawthorne Street on the riverfront.

Dull received her bachelor's degree in art from the University of Iowa and earned a master's degree in landscape architecture from the University of Wisconsin.

Constructed in conjunction with the dedication of the FLOODWALL, the sculpture commemorates important stages in the development and construction and lists officials in service at those periods of time. One of the plaques was donated by the DUBUQUE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Four were given by the City of Dubuque. Another plaque, from the Army Corps of Engineers, lists the colonels stationed at the Rock Island office. The Dock Commission lists the commissioners who served from January 1960, through August 1973.

Dull designed the sculpture as a functioning piece of art. A waterfall was planned to come from several parts of the monument. Plants, landscaping and stone benches were also planned to make the monument a focal point of the area and provide a place from which to view the ever-changing river scenery.



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