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FITZSIMMONS, Paul. (Omaha, NB- ). Fitzsimmons was the founding staff attorney for the Dubuque Area Legal Services Agency (renamed Legal Services Corporation of Iowa). He served in the office from November 1968 to September 1970, before working for eight years as assistant county attorney.

In 1971 during a seminar entitled "Law and Order Problems in Dubuque and the Nation" with Police Chief Robert O'BRIEN Fitzsimmons agreed that the probation and parole departments were so overburdened with case loads and understaffed that meaningful change or rehabilitation was impossible. He added that the nation's prison system failed to rehabilitate most criminals. He mentioned that the State Penitentiary at Fort Madison offered a course in barbering despite state law stating that a person could not obtain a barber's license if convicted of a felony. He also described a "breakdown" in the various parts of the criminal justice system with discontent widespread. (1)

He later opened a private practice in Dubuque. In 1994 he often handled bankruptcy cases and served as a panel trustee for the U. S. Bankruptcy Court. (2)



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