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FISCHER ICE COMPANY. A local company started in 1856, the Fischer Ice Company delivered natural river ice to Dubuque residents by horse-drawn wagons. In November 1895 the company announced its construction of a new ice house at the end of the Third Street Extension and near the water. The building was to be 113 feet x 113 feet and 24 feet high. This was described at the time as the largest ice house in Iowa. (1)

In 1910 one ton of ice cost fifty cents--delivery fee included.

The announcement was made in 1912 that the company was constructing a new building for the company at Third and Iowa STREETS. At the rear of the office would be another building running to Clay Street. This would be divided into space for storing the trucks used by the company for hauling ice and coal. (2)

Skaters at the ICE HARBOR in 1922 had much to be thankful for in the company. A force of horse-drawn teams and scrapers had been hired to remove the snow. The announcement continued that if it snowed again before Christmas, the workmen would again be hired to clear the ice. (3)




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