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[[FRIEDMAN, Terry and Paula|Terry and Paula FRIEDMAN]] 2019
[[FRIEDMAN, Terry and Paula|Terry and Paula FRIEDMAN]] 2019
[[WOLF, Judy|Judy WOLF]] 2020
[[Category: Awards]]
[[Category: Awards]]
[[Category: Firsts]]
[[Category: Firsts]]

Latest revision as of 21:33, 3 January 2021

FIRST CITIZEN AWARD. Annual recognition given by the TELEGRAPH HERALD. Recipients of the award have been:

Roger J. RHOMBERG (1970)

Gilbert D. CHAVENELLE(1971)

Gerald "Red" MCALEECE(1972)

Wayne Andrew NORMAN, Sr. (1973)

Thomas RHOMBERG (1974)

Jackson MARSHALL (1975)

Paul HEMMER (1976)

Leo FROMMELT (1977)

Jacqueline MERRITT (1978)

Louis FAUTSCH, Sr. (1979)

Auleen EBERHARDT (1980)

Mary HICKEY (1981)

George LIPPER (1982)

Gloria LIPPER (1982)

Mary BIGGINS (1983)

Ruby SUTTON (1984)


Catherine DUNN (1986)

Arnold N. HONKAMP (1987)

Frank HARDIE (1988)

George FREUND (1989)

Walter PETERSON and William G. KRUSE (1990)

Jerry ENZLER (1991)

David Wm. RUSK (1992)

J. Bruce MERIWETHER (1993)

Donna GINTER (1994)

Eldon HERRIG (1995)

Jeanette Ruth "Jan" HESS (1996)

Eugene HEINEMANN (1997)

Ruth NASH (1998)

Russell NASH (1998)

Larry FRIEDMAN (1999)

Latha BONNEWELL (2000)

Robert BONNEWELL (2000)

F. Hunter FUERSTE (2001)

Leo A. "Jim" THEISEN (2002)

C.J. BUELOW (2003)

Richard WERTZBERGER (2004)

Leo MCCARTHY (2005)

Norma DENLINGER 2006

Wallace BROWN 2007

(Msgr.) Francis FRIEDL 2008

Sister Helen HUEWE 2009

Jeanne Powers Quann 2010

John E. and Alice BUTLER 2011

Michael DUEHR 2012

Mark FALB 2013

John C. O'CONNOR 2014

Edward and Shirley BABKA 2015

Gary DOLPHIN 2016

Robert and Marilyn HOEFER 2017

James COLLINS 2018

Terry and Paula FRIEDMAN 2019

Judy WOLF 2020