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FENELON, Patrick (Ken). (1) (Dubuque, IA, Feb. 26, 1909-Dubuque, IA, Aug. 8, 1972). In 1933 Fenelon was recognized locally as an all-around athlete excelling in boxing, wrestling, baseball and football. In that year, he provided boxing instruction at the YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION (Y.M.C.A.). (2) He also assisted with the C.Y.O. boxing program. (3) In the area of boxing, he served as a boxer, trainer, referee and promoter. (4) In 1939, for example, Fenelon presented "The Aristocrat of Wrestling-Lord Patrick Lansdowne vs. Mike London. (5) In 1950 he was presenting "girls vs. girls" in wrestling matches. (6)

Fenelon's interest in wrestling, developed while a student at DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, led to his winning the National World Alliance Junior Heavyweight Championship in 1943. (7) He was presented the title by Pinkie George, founder of the NWA. (8) He held the title until May 1945, when he lost to Marshall Estet in Toronto, Canada. (9)

On March 11, 1946 Ken Fenelon became the first two-time NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, by defeating Larry Tillman in Des Moines, Iowa. (10)

In Fenelon's career from 1935 to 1950, he had 72 wins, 22 draws, and 38 losses.

Fenlon was a man of many interests. He enjoyed music and played in the DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL band. He also played hockey and was a third baseman for Kool Motors, a semi-pro baseball team. (11)



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