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FARMERS' CLUB. Organized around 1860, the group met locally to discuss agricultural issues and make recommendations to each other. In 1863 the secretary of the group was John KING and one of the members was Lucius Hart LANGWORTHY. (1)

At the November 1863 meeting, L. H. Langworthy announced his interest in purchasing 100 pear, 30 plum, and 30 cherry trees and desired the Club to make out a list of the best and hardiest for this latitude (43.5 degrees North). At the close of the meeting "a suitable catalog of trees was handed to Mr. L."(2)

A Mr. Wolfe from Strawberry Point warned of purchasing trees from "tree-pedlars (sic). He further recommended that trees be purchased from nurseries in the West rather than from the East. Those had not survived well. (3)

Members paid dues of fifty cents per year. For this they had access to books, cuttings, seeds and plants distributed free. The club was considered the agency through which the agricultural departments in Washington, D.C. and the state government distributed material. (4)



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