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Library of Congress
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FANNIE STOUT HOUSE. Located at 1145 Locust, the home is an example of ECLECTIC ARCHITECTURE. The home, constructed by Henry L. STOUT, was first announced in 1891 in the Dubuque Daily Herald. Estimated then to cost $50,000 when finished, the construction depended upon the sale of ten feet of land from James BEACH who owned property to the north of Frank D. STOUT, the son of Henry Stout. It was estimated that this strip of property would cost $2,000.

When Fannie Stout married Fred O'Donnell, a Dubuque attorney, in 1898 her father gave her the house as a wedding present. It is believed the faucets in one bathroom cost $16,000.

For many years after the death of Fannie, the home was used as the EGELHOF HOME FOR FUNERALS. It had a short history in the 1980s as a bed-and-breakfast. Restoration of the home began around 2008.



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