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FACADE BUILDING. Built in 1866, the Facade Building located opposite the POST OFFICE was once the home of the BEETHOVEN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC and the SPIRITUAL SCIENE HALL. NEWBURGH COMPANY (THE) used the basement of the building as a stock and store room in 1911. (1) Officials of the DUBUQUE TRADES AND LABOR CONGRESS announced in 1934 plans for the remodeling and renovation of the second and third floors of the building for use as a Labor Temple. The area had been used by many organized labor groups and once their leases had expires they were assumed by the Congress. (2) In 1941 it was the home of the First Spiritualist Church. (3)

The building at the southeast corner of Ninth and Locust, was torn down in 1955 to provide twenty parking places for AMERICAN TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK. (4)



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