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Sears on Main Street. Photo courtesy: Larry Friedman
1976 advertisement. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
FABER'S. Established in 1925, the Faber Music Company as it was known as late as 1979 had as its slogan "Dubuque's Most Complete Music Store."

The 1955 through 1968 Dubuque City Directory listed 464 Main.

The 1972 through 1987 Dubuque City Directory listed 1157 Central.

In July, 1989 the company was purchased by KEPHART'S MUSIC CENTER INC. which in 2010 was located at 4496 Dodge St.

An interesting story links RENIER'S with the history of the Faber's. When Ralph V. Renier courted Lucille Faber they were chaperoned by Tillie, his sister, and Lucille's brother, Mike. When Ralph and Lucille married, so did their chaperones. Tillie and Mike Faber later opened their own music company.