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Photo courtesy: Jim Massey
F. A. MILLER BROOM FACTORY. The firm of F. A. Miller manufactured brooms, brushes, and turkey feather dusters. It was also a dealer in all kinds of broom materials including handles, wire and twine.

In 1910 it was the largest broom factory in Iowa. Brooms were manufactured for a number of wholesale grocery firms of the northwest and then relabeled with the grocery firm's name and sold as their brand. Annual production was estimated at 225,000 brooms using approximately 400,000 pounds of broom corn.

All the work was done by machinery. The corn, or straw as it was also known, was sorted into different lengths by machinery. The seeds were removed and the corn wound onto the handles with wire. Another machine sewed the broom in place to hold its flat shape.

The company's territory included Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska and the Dakotas.

1858 advertisement in city directory.

The 1858 Dubuque City Directory listed 8th between Iowa and Clay.

The company was located at 72 Main in 1880.

The 1884-1885 Dubuque City Directory listed the northwest corner of Iowa and 3rd as the company address.

Late in the 1880s the company was listed at 243-247 Iowa Street.

The 1909 Dubuque City Directory gave the address of this business as 250 Iowa.



"The Miller Broom Factory Has a Record of 40 Prosperous Years," Telegraph Herald, February 14, 1910, p. 1