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EXPRESS AND HERALD. In October, 1854, the DUBUQUE DAILY HERALD and the MINERS' EXPRESS united under the name Express and Herald. In December, 1854, Merritt, Mahony and Dorr were publishers and proprietors of the paper. (1)

            The Daily Miners' Express is dead, buried and resurrected — its
            death was sudden, decomposition rapid and fusion with neutral
            elements instantaneous. Out of this fused union of apparently
            incongruous elements springs into the glorious life and liberty 
            of democratic existence a journal to be entitled the Express and
            Herald, to be enlarged and issued from the Herald office. Who
            fathers this new production, or who will nurse its infancy and
            guide it to manhood doth not yet appear. The union is wonderful
            — chemical synthesis is at fault for Merritt and Mahony are one.
                                      (Observer, October 27, 1854.) (2)

In 1855 Mahony and Dorr had business difficulties which were settled by the courts; Dorr remaining in possession. The Express and Herald under Dorr was less abusive, personal and libelous than it had been under Mahony. (3)

In January, 1855, the Express and Herald installed an Adams book and news steam press weighing about six tons. The press, however, was not operated in 1855. In the meantime, in November, 1855, the Davenport Gazette also established and put in operation a large steam press. Although Dubuque was the first to install, it was second in putting in operation the first steam press in the state. (4)

With the close of the Presidential campaign in 1860, J. B. Dorr retired permanently from the editorship of the Herald. This left Dennis MAHONY to manage the paper alone. (5) "Owing to the enforced absence of Mr. Mahony in August, 1862, Stilson Hutchins became editor of the Herald." (6)

Mr. Dorr, who held a mortgage on the Herald, foreclosed it and took possession of the office in November, 1862. Stilson Hutchins bought the office of NORTHWEST (THE) and part of the office of the DUBUQUE TIMES and prepared to issue the Dubuque Democratic Herald to take the place of the Herald of Mahony. (7)

In 1862 Express and Herald office was sold by the sheriff and bid in by H. Knowlton for $1,500, subject to a mortgage of $2,000 held by W. H. Merritt; the power press alone was worth the $1,500. (8)

The 1858-1859 Dubuque City Directory listed 98 Main.



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