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EVEN AND FUCHS. In 1897 Even & Fuchs operated an ice delivery. In that year a team of horses ran away from one of their ice wagons near EAGLE POINT the the wagon tongue broke. (1) In January, 1898 Even & Fuchs and Mulgrew & Phillips, described as two leading ice firms, announced that they had consolidated their businesses with Mulgrew supervising the business. (2) Mulgrew & Phillips had six ice houses on the levee and expected to harvest 7,000 tons of ice from the MISSISSIPPI RIVER in front of their property. Even & Fuchs was expected to harvest five and six thousand tons. Its ice house was located at the foot of 7th Street. It also owned an ice house at Eagle Point which required teams of horses to supply. (3)

The 1899-1900 Dubuque City Directory listed 77 W. Main and 446 Garfield. Despite the directory's entry that the business was a supplier of flour and feed, the true scope of the company's business can be found in their advertisements. In 1899 the company was advertising wood for sale. (4) The same year Even & Fuchs was awarded the contract for hay and oats for the city. (5)





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