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EULENSPIEGEL PUPPET THEATER. Puppet troupe. Founded in 1974 by Monica Leo, the puppet troupe, specializing in dramatization of stories from Rumania, Scandinavia, and American prankster tales, became an independent contractor for the Iowa Arts Council since 1977. In this role, the company performed as artists in residence for school assemblies and taught workshops.

Composed in 1990 of Leo, a graduate of DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and Teri Jean Breitbach, a graduate of WAHLERT CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL, the troupe took its name from Till Eulenspiegel, a prankster who was to have traveled throughout Flanders and Germany during the Middle Ages. As a folk hero, Till reflected the absurd aspects of human fears and prejudices.

The theater traveled internationally and locally performed at the DUBUQUEFEST/VERY SPECIAL ARTS. Both Leo and Breitbach collaborated on developing scripts. Props, sets, and puppets were designed by Leo. Choreography was the specialty of Breitbach.