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EMERSON, James Marshall

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EMERSON, James Marshall. (Shephardtown, VA, 1809--Dubuque, IA, Feb. 13, 1878). Emerson came to Dubuque in 1833, but left for Missouri until 1840 when he returned to Dubuque.

He and James Crider established EMERSON & CRIDER, a mercantile firm, on the future site of the GRAND OPERA HOUSE. He then formed a partnership around 1850 with his brother-in-law, John G. SHIELDS in a store on the corner of Main and 5th STREETS.

It was with Shields that Emerson constructed the CITY HOTEL that evolved into the ATHENAEUM. At the time of his death, he was credited with the construction of an estimated fifty buildings in Dubuque. Emerson was also one of the first to enter the lumber business and pork business in the city.



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