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EIFFES' GROVE. On May 19, 1889 an excursion of Dubuque residents took the steamer Jennie Hayes, owned by C. W. ROBINSON, to a site in Mosalem Township known as Effes' Grove. Those who traveled together included Dr. Lull, Alonzo J. VAN DUZEE, Judson Keith DEMING, Henry Michel, Charles Harvey BRADLEY, C. J Brayton, Charles Peaslee, Thomas Parker, Frank Alden, John DEERY, and Charles Robinson.

Charles Bradley had purchased eight acres of the grove and divided the area into lots. Nearly all of the gentlemen traveling to the site had purchased property on which to build a summer cottage. The land lay between the railroad tracks and the river. Cottages, possibly twenty, were going to be constructed at the edge of the grove to enjoy a view of the river. A club house was also planned with a staff of one--a competent steward.

In years to come this housing development was called SHAWONDASEE.



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