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390 North Grandview. 2012 Photo.
EGELHOF, SIEGERT, AND CASPER FUNERAL HOMES. The Egelhof, Siegert, and Casper Funeral Homes were two facilities owned and operated by Eugene J. SIEGERT, his son Tom Siegert, and Bob Casper.

In 1890, Louis F. Egelhof opened an Undertaking and Art Store on Main Street. Eglehof turned EGELHOF HOME FOR FUNERALS over to his son Frederick Louis EGELHOF, who moved the location to 1145 Locust Street, which had been the FANNIE STOUT HOUSE. Louis F. Egelhof was followed in the business by his son, Chuck Egelhof.

In 1928 James Ashworth co-founded Ashworth & Bennett Funeral Home located at 7th and Bluff streets. After serving in WORLD WAR II, Eugene Siegert returned to Dubuque to work with his grandfather in the business. Tom Siegert, Gene's son, joined the business in 1984. In 1993 the firm had become Egelhof, Casper, Strueber Funeral Home at 1145 Locust. In 1997 their partnership merged with the Egelhof, Strueber and Casper Funeral Home on Locust Street and a year later with the Siegert-Didesch Colonial Funeral Home at 390 North Grandview.

In 2011 the funeral homes were located at 2659 John F. Kennedy Road and 390 N. Grandview Ave. The JFK Road facility, known as the Westview Funeral Home, was built in the 1970s after the sale of the building on Locust Street.



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