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DUGGAN, SULLIVAN & KINSELLA. Duggan, Sullivan & Kinsella, operated by Michael Duggan, Timothy O. Sullivan and Michael T. Kinsella, was established in 1880.

In 1887 the company occupied for its sales and sample rooms a four-story building, 20x114 feet in dimensions, and three warehouses. In addition, the company had a separate building with spacious yard located at Second and Locust STREETS, where a large stock of wagons was kept for sale.

In addition to a general line of shelf and heavy hardware, the company was an agent for the Studebaker wagons, Deering binders, Minneapolis binders, and John Deere plows.

Locally the company was operated with fifteen clerks and assistants. There was a staff of traveling salesmen representing the firm in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Dakota and Minnesota.

According to the 1883 through 1890-91 Dubuque City Directory, this business was located at 190 Main.



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