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DUEHR, Michael

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald
DUEHR, Michael. (Dubuque, IA,-- ). Duehr graduated from DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in 1962 and joined the Fraternal Order of Eagles the following year. His father and mother were Bell-Ringing State Presidents in Iowa. His father, Don, was the state president in 1974-75 and his mother, Raph, served as state president of the Auxiliary in 1980-81. Michael also won the coveted Bell-Ringer Award when he was President of the Iowa State Aerie from 1999-2000 and at the 2005 Grand Aerie Convention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, he was elected to the post of Grand Outside Guard.

Within the Eagles, Duehr was instrumental in obtaining a national Eagles grant to support the Dubuque Area Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse. Using his contacts at the state, regional and national levels of the Eagles organization, Duehr obtained funds for other organizations. He raised over $110,000 towards the cost of a new 3-D imagery device for the Wendt Regional Cancer Center. Active in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program, Duehr annually raised over $1,000 for the program and began a Christmas program for children in 2005. He also strongly supported financially the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D. A. R. E.) programs for the Dubuque County Sheriff's Department and the Dubuque Police Department.

Duehr founded the "Eyes on the Future" program within the Eagles organization for students in high school and college. This program involved students in service projects that assisted children and the needy. Among other activities, the group wrapped Christmas presents for residents of the Maria House, Teresa Shelter and Manasseh House.

For his activism on behalf of others, Michael Duehr was the recipient of the FIRST CITIZEN AWARD from the Telegraph Herald in 2012.



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