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Photo courtesy: Jim Massey
DUBUQUE WEISS BEER COMPANY. Clarke D. Williams opened the Dubuque Weiss Beer Company in 1904. The buildings used had once been the IOWA BREWERY at 2327 Couler. Weiss beer or "white beer" differed from ordinary beer in that it contained only 1,75% alcohol and was therefore not intoxicating. Until 1909 it had been sold throughout Iowa under the same classification as soda water and other soft drinks. The passage of the mulct law that provided that no beverage could be sold containing any alcohol damaged the business.

In 1911 the officers included L. Blocklinger, president; S. C. Scherrer, secretary; and Joseph Behrens, treasurer.

The company closed in 1912.

In 1910 the company was located at 2327 Couler Avenue.

Note the misspelling of "weiss."Photo courtesy:brucemobley.com/beerbottlelibrary/ia/index.htm



"Dubuque Has Weiss Beer Company," Telegraph Herald, March 28, 1910, p. 3

Information booklet accompanying Bob Reding's display of Dubuque memorabilia from 2007-2010 at the Old Jail