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DUBUQUE TURKISH BATH ROOMS. In May 1874, Turkish baths were opened in Dubuque by Dr. Gee of Racine, Wisconsin and Dr. Reed of Dubuque. A location was not provided in the Dubuque Herald, but the article stated it was located on the first floor of a building and that partitions had been created to provide the possibilities of offering different temperatures. (1)

Located at 449 Main Street at the beginning of the twentieth century, the business was operated by George Pilkington. Rooms were arranged to accommodate both men and women. Advertisements claimed that "a treatment at their (attendants) hands is sufficient to revive youth and give one a new lease of life." The attendants were claimed to be "unexcelled" as a cure for rheumatism, scrofula, and all impurities of the blood."



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