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DUBUQUE THEATRE CORPORATION. In 1972 the Dubuque Theatre Corporation headed by Nickas J. YIANNIAS announced that Cinema 3 was under construction. Because of the enlarged facilities, the theatre complex would be known as Cinema Center. (1)

In 1974 the corporation leased the ORPHEUM from the city for the showing of films. On April 8, 1974 restoration of the exterior began as part of the process of making it a part of the FIVE FLAGS CIVIC CENTER. (2)

D & E Theatres, a joint venture of Dubinsky Bros. Theatres and Essaness Theatres, in 1988 entered into a long-term contract with Dubuque Theatres Corporation. Essaness was a Chicago-based theater group of over 200 screens. Dubinsky, of Lincoln Nebraska, was a major theater corporation in Iowa. Dubinsky once owned the GRAND THEATRE. D & E would take over both the Kennedy Mall Six movie theater and the nearby Cinema Center 8 at 75 Kennedy Road. Dubuque Theatres and its predecessor the James N. YIANNIAS proprietorship had been the motion picture business since 1915. Yiannias would continue to own the real estate on which Cinema Center 8 was located. (3)

The 1972 through 1987 Dubuque City Directory listed 75 John F. Kennedy.



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