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DUBUQUE BELTING AND RUBBER COMPANY. Organized around 1893, the Dubuque Rubber and Belting Company was the first of its kind in Iowa. The stock carried consisted mainly of rubber and oiled clothing, rubber boots and shoes, felt boots, rubber and leather belting, hose, packing, lace leather, and Smith & Thatcher's Belt Fasteners. The specialty of this company was mechanical rubber goods including packings and rubber and composition belts of all kinds. (1)

The company's officers included Peter KIENE, Sr., president, and Paul Kiene, secretary-treasurer. The company had a trade territory including Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nebraska, and Dakota territory and was the state agent for the Hoyt Leather Belt Company and the Dodge wood and iron pulley. (2)

Emil Kiene, son of Peter KIENE, Sr. and brother of Paul, entered the business when he was seventeen. He mastered all the details of the company and in 1900 bought out the interests of his brother and father and operated the business as his own. The offices and warehouse were located at 422 Main.


The 1886-87 through 1923 Dubuque City Directory continued to locate this business at 422 Main.



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