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View of 100 and 200 Block of Iowa Street with McFadden on the left, Dubuque Seed Company center, and the Dubuque Company Paper warehouse on the right.
DUBUQUE PAPER COMPANY. A Dubuque wholesaler, the Dubuque Paper Company was established in 1903 as a supplier of wrapping paper, office supplies, tissue papers, building and roofing papers, and paper boxes of every type. Employing twenty people, the company was known for its sale of "Bull Dog Fibre," a high grade wrapping paper coming in white and stripes of various shades. A high grade shelf paper was imported from Germany. The company carried a wide selection of stationery, galvanized ware, pencils, pens, glues, and a full supply of matches.

The company's territory included the northern half of Iowa, southern Minnesota, southwestern Wisconsin, northwestern Illinois, and South Dakota. Company officers in 1911 included A.E. Flick, president and B.T. Gunderson, secretary and treasurer.

The 1911-12 Dubuque City Directory listed 169-171 Iowa.



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