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DUBUQUE ORE CONCENTRATING COMPANY. The Dubuque Ore Concentrating Company was organized in 1891. On October 15th, the stockholders met at the SECOND NATIONAL BANK to name the company, form a committee to write by-laws, a committee to investigate the plant in Potosi, Wisconsin which had the machinery being purchased, and another committee to choose a site in Dubuque for the new plant. (1)

The potential for the business appeared bright. It was estimated that 400,000 tons of DRYBONE were mined annually making the plant popular. Processors in La Salle and Mineral Point did not want to buy unprocessed stone. Rollers in the machine would crush the product of the mines and screens operated underwater would separate the LEAD, drybone, and BLACK JACK. (2)

The company elected the following officers: JOHN BABCOCK, president; E. E. JONES, vice president; Samuel J. SOUTHWELL, secretary; and PHILIP PIER, treasurer. The plant was built along Southern Avenue at the former site of the Randall Mill. (3)



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