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DUBUQUE OMNIBUS COMPANY. The Dubuque Omnibus Company was organized around 1880 with John H. Waller, president and Sanford A. ATHERTON, manager and treasurer. Upon the death of Waller, J. A. Earley, bookkeeper for the CONNOLLY CARRIAGE MANUFACTORY, became the president when he bought Waller's interest. (1)

In 1895 the company and its contract with ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD was threatened by a competitor in Dubuque. Earley's response was to travel to Chicago with many letters from influential citizens praising the work of his company. The contract was preserved. (2) The company also had a contract for carrying United States mails from the post office to the various railroads and maintained equipment for funeral services including a hearse. In 1897 the company advertised a vehicle that could be used as a "band wagon" for twenty or more people which could be converted to a "picnic wagon" complete with a canopy to protect riders from "sun or storms." (3)

The company could be expected to employ twenty workers and have from forty to forty-five horses.

The 1884-1885 through 1890-91 Dubuque City Directory listed 37 Julien.



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