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DUBUQUE MOTION PICTURE COUNCIL. Involved in the "better films movement," the Council was led by Mrs. E. C. Loetscher. In 1930 the council was comprised of members affiliated with the Federation of the Protestant Church Women, the Parent-Teacher associations, and the women's clubs associated with the Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs. The council sponsored a survey of children's interest in MOTION PICTURES which was commended by the Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors Association.

At their second meeting, the following was approved by the resolution's committee"

         Resolved that a committee of three representing the organizations
         interested in the Motion Pictures Council  be appointed to interview
         each exhibitor in the city to lay before him our aims and plans and 
         to ask his interest and cooperation in placing before the parents  
         and children various lists of previewed films endorsed by national
         organizations. (1)



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