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DUBUQUE INTERNAL MEDICINE. Rapidly growing medical clinic. Dr. Eugene W. COFFMAN joined Dr. Paul J. LAUBE in the late 1950s to form a medical practice that was first located in an office on Locust and later on Dodge Street. Dr. Coffman was joined in 1958 by Dr. John S. CHAPMAN and later by Dr. James R. Gilloon. Their practice, known locally as "Doctors Coffman-Chapman-Gilloon," later adopted the name of the "Dodge Street Internists."

In 1991 Dubuque Internal Medicine, with seventeen physicians, employed an estimated ninety clerical workers, nurses and technicians. Their move into spacious new offices at 1515 Delhi occurred on April 29, 1991. In 2008 the practice had grown to over thirty providers and over 250 employees.

The 1987 though 2014 Dubuque City Directory listed 320 N. Grandview.



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