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DUBUQUE IN-FUTURO. Nonprofit corporation and community-based organization. In 1980, the City of Dubuque realized that it would need a nonprofit corporation as a co-sponsor to acquire financing for the development of an industrial park west of the city. Dubuque In-Futuro had the power to apply for and receive grants, gifts and bequests from the State of Iowa or federal government, City of Dubuque, or other donors. It was also able to contract with the City for services and enter into agreements with the City and other governmental bodies.

With twelve members and a board of seven people, Dubuque In-Futuro could implement with the City or on its own sponsor projects for the needs of low to moderate-income citizens or to improve housing and employment conditions to better the community. It could also own, develop, lease, sell, or mortgage real estate and personal property. Using its assets, the organization was able to incur indebtedness and sell industrial revenue bonds secured by its revenues.

By 1998, Dubuque In-Futuro projects included the development of the Dubuque Industrial Center, Dubuque Corporate Center, redevelopment of the J.C. Penney and S.S. Kresge buildings, construction and leasing of a building for the Eagle Point Corporation, and the construction and leasing of a 21,000 square-foot spec. industrial building.