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DUBUQUE FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMPANY. Capitalized at $25,000, the company was organized in March, 1893 as a successor to the commission business of Muntz and Quirk. The officers of the company included Edward Muntz, president; James F. Lahy, vice-president; William Quirk, secretary; D. Daly, assistant secretary; Edward W. Duncan, treasurer, and E.O. Duncan, superintendent.

The company purchased the Duncan farm of 260 acres in Smead's Bottom, Wisconsin opposite EAGLE POINT PARK. This land would be used for raising cabbage, beans, berries and other fruits and vegetables. It was expected that 10-15 men would be employed with the produce sold at the company's commission house in Dubuque.

The 1899-1900 Dubuque City Directory listed 1735 Clay.



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