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Bus token.
Trolley operated by the Dubuque Electric Company. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
DUBUQUE ELECTRIC COMPANY. The 1915 Dubuque City Directory listed the corner of Main and 13th as the address.

The 1918 Dubuque and East Dubuque City Directory listed their office at the corner of Iowa and 5th.

The 1922 Dubuque Telephone Company listed 501 Iowa.

Dubuque Electric Company was the successor to UNION ELECTRIC COMPANY. In 1924 Dubuque Electric was the last company supplying electricity to Dubuque, East Dubuque, and Dyersville. It was purchased in that year by the INTERSTATE POWER COMPANY. It continued to operate as the Dubuque Electric Company until 1927 when its name was formally changed to that of the parent company. (1)



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