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A pamphlet with four pages of poetry dedicated to newscarriers.
DUBUQUE DAILY HERALD. The Dubuque Daily Herald was an independent newspaper established on April 19, 1851. It absorbed the MINERS' EXPRESS in 1854 and became the known as the EXPRESS AND HERALD. About the middle of March, 1861, the Herald began the issue of a bi-weekly in addition to its daily and weekly editions.

On March 1, 1864, Dennis MAHONY, Hutchins and Hodnett left the Herald permanently.

             I need not say with what mingled feelings of 
             pleasure and pain I make the announcements-pleasure
             that I am no longer obliged to fight a profitless 
             battle, pain that I thus become virtually separated 
             from so many brave, consistent, self-sacrificing 
             Democrats. (Mr. Hutchins) (1) 

             We do not enter upon the undertaking without some 
             reluctance and a full appreciation of the duties, 
             difficulties and responsibilities which the position
             involves. We shall endeavor to make the Herald 
             thoroughly Democratic in its principles and usages, 
             dignified in its tone, candid in its opinions, reliable 
             in its statements and particularly valuable for its news, 
             always seeking the harmony and welfare of the party and 
             the preservation of our free republican institutions.  
               (Patrick Robb, F. M. Ziebach and Moses M. HAM (2)

Under the new editors the Herald was mild and agreeable to what it had been. (3)

As the Dubuque Herald, the paper was published until October 1901 when it was merged with the DUBUQUE TELEGRAPH.

The 1859-1860 Dubuque City Directory listed the corner of Main and 5th for this newspaper published by J. B. Door and Company.

The 1878-79 Dubuque City Directory listed 6th and Locust.

The 1899-1900 Dubuque City Directory listed 120 6th for this daily and weekly publication.



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