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Dubuque Council for Diversity. The Dubuque Council for Diversity was a community organization to improve the racial climate in the city. The Council was the successor of the controversial Constructive Integration Task Force whose plan to encourage one hundred minority families to move to Dubuque over a five-year period caused incidents which received negative national attention.

The Council's plan for 1995 to 1997 called for establishing a databank for employers looking for minority employees, a partnership with the Atlanta Institute of Managed Diversity, education, training, and mediation services.

The Council's Executive Director was Janima Harris, Members of the board of directors were J. Bruce MERIWETHER, chairman; Claudette Carter-Thomas, vice chairwoman; John J. AGRIA, Juliet Elu, Steve Felsted, Francis GIUNTA, Jack Hanson, Doug Henry, Ernest Jackson, K. Bruce Lauritsen, Julie Mason-McMahon, Martha Milcarek, Jane Mylrea, Emil "Mike" Stackis, Rev. Winston Persaud, Ruby SUTTON, Robert C. WAHLERT, and Msgr. David Wheeler.



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