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James Herzog, a member of the Dubuque Cornet Band. Photo courtesy: Susan McKeever.
Music program.
DUBUQUE CORNET BAND. Leadership of the Dubuque Cornet Band was assumed by many people, but few had the record of C. A. RASTATTER. In 1889 when he had just assumed the leadership of the Dubuque Liederkranz, he was also serving as the director of the Saegerbund, Helvetia Maennerchor, and the Dubuque Cornet Band. (1)

At least some of the band members joined the Fourth Regimental Band in 1885 which went on to become DUBUQUE COMMUNITY BAND.

The Dubuque Cornet Band performed on Halloween 1886 and several succeeding dates according to this announcement printed in German. It was a popular musical group on holidays and for festive occasions including the grand opening of the Glab Gardens on May 13, 1894.

On November 20, 1894 the band celebrated its twelfth anniversary. The Dubuque Daily Herald writers reported that "one hundred cans of oysters were consumed along with enough beer to float the Ericsson." (2)

The last mention of the Dubuque Cornet Band was found in 1908.



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