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DUBUQUE COMMUNITY GHG TASK FORCE. Responding to the needs found in the DUBUQUE COMMUNITY GHG (GREENHOUSE GAS) INVENTORY, the Dubuque Community GHG Task Force, was established in 2010. Membership included local non-profits, faith-based organizations, City staff, local business leaders, and individual citizens. The Task Force was charged with recommending a GHG reduction goal and implementing strategy for its accomplishment.

The goal established by the Task Force was a 30% reduction by 2020 and 50% by 2030 (from 2030 levels).

The Dubuque plan was seen to have advantages over similar efforts in other cities. The plan for Dubuque was community driven rather than being imposed. The plan also strongly promoted public-private partnerships in place of government regulation. Dubuque's plan quantified the impact of emissions reduction actions to see whether those actions could reduce GHG emissions 50% by 2030. The ideas were specific to Dubuque and did not simply list best practices.

The plan was written to emphasize "no regret solutions" to climate change. The solutions would be to the benefit of Dubuque regardless of GHG reduction. Primary benefits would be to the health, economic prosperity, job creation and quality of life in the community.

The campaign to realize the goals was to include a series of speaker events, television and media advertising, establishment of a website (www.dubuqueGHGplan.org). The website would allow citizens and businesses full access to the complete report or a concise summary version and provide an opportunity to offer their support. The final stage of the campaign would be a series of community workshops at which community members could provide input into the final recommendation to be presented to the City Council and the community.



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