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DUBUQUE CHURCH OF CHRIST. Historically one of the oldest congregations in Dubuque County. The first meeting of the Church of Christ occurred on October 1, 1835, in what is now the MINES OF SPAIN. In 1840, the members purchased the Old Stone Church from the Congregationalists. The last record of the church until modern times was May 13, 1850. In recent times, members of the congregation began meeting on June 19, 1955, using the auditorium of CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL. By collecting five dollars per week for a building fund, a lot at the intersection of Grandview Avenue and Dodge Street was purchased in 1957. A Church of Christ in Indiana also loaned $22,000 toward the cost of construction of a church.

With donations from other congregations around the United States, a building was constructed by 1958 when the congregation numbered fifteen. The church had to be vacated as a result of the reconstruction of Dodge Street. Meetings were held in the parsonage on Keymont Drive and the first meeting in their new church at 685 Duggan Drive was held on February 26, 1995.